Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo Sake


Soto, which means "outside" in Japanese, is a celebration of the purest elements of the earth brought together to create this premium, natural product. The expertise of our Toji (the brewmaster) ensures a delicate mildness of flavour and elegant aroma.

Sōtō Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Sōtō Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Sōtō Sake
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The rice is milled to 50% of its original volume so that its elegant fragrance and fine flavour can be presented in the best possible way. Unlike most other sake, it should be served chilled and in a thin glass. 



Finely milled special rice and pure mountain water from Niigata Prefecture.



All natural
No additives
No preservatives
No added sugar
No sulfits


The highest grade of sake available in the world

Purist in its very best meaning - this is how the most successful sake brand in America at the moment presents itself. The award-winning brewery from Niigata on Honshū produces what is probably Japan's most exciting and highest-quality sake. 

Tasting Notes

Chilled and in a thin-walled glass, the refreshing, light and silky mouthfeel comes into its own and the fine, slightly floral aromas and special taste can develop perfectly. The finish is smooth but dry and crisp and surprises with a slight spiciness at the back. Subtle notes of gala apple, lime zest and even a hint of cucumber and melon express the overwhelming freshness of this premium sake. 

Recommended Food Pairings

Oysters, Cheese, Sashimi, Yakitori, Yakiniku, Kushikatsu, Miso/SoySauce based dishes, Grilled vegetables.


SŌTŌ Citrus

15 cl chilled SŌTŌ Sake garnished with a lemon peel.

SŌTŌ Ginger Mule

6 cl oz SŌTŌ Sake
2 cl fresh lime juice
9 cl premium ginger beer 

Add SŌTŌ and lime into a copper mug with ice and top with ginger beer Garnish with lime wheel and mint sprig.

SŌTŌ Lemonade

6 cl SŌTŌ Sake
2,5 cl fresh lemon juice
1,5 cl raw sugar syrup
10 cl of sparkling water

Shake and pour into a collins glass with ice and top with sparkling water Garnish with lemon peel or wheel.